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12/09/2007 - Resins for INFUSION and RTM

The Co. Carlo Riccò & Fratelli SpA, always careful to the technology development, especially when related to the environmental impact, has furtherly settled its range of Polyester resins for technologies of INFUSION and RTM.
In the here enclosed file (news_rtm_1_eng ), you will find a summerized introduction to the newly developed products , which gave excellent results by remarcable Customers both in the nautical and in the general uses.
On the contrary, in the enclosure (news_rtm_2_eng ) you will find a little bit of history, pages taken from the magazineRTM NEWS (tracing back to the Spring 2001), where the quality advantages of the technology where enhanced and where you could be introduced to its use by Plastech, in cooperation with the Co.Brands Structural Products, which is our Resailer for the Northern Europe, finding in the list of the used materials, our R 96.02 D.
You are kindly invited to ask for further information by getting directly in touch with our Sales employees or with the Research and Development Laboratory.

Carlo Riccò & Fratelli SpA