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The word "tradition" may not seem suitable to describe a Co born in 1955 and established in an industrial market like the polyester resin is. We are talking , infact , about a field where relatively new raw materials are used and where a constant research and testing are carried on.
But this is the background we have to keep in mind to understand what our Company is today and what its activity, structure and organization represent in the market.
Tradition ment in the widest meaning of the word, where the man work is considered as the base to the development of a Company ,where nothing is left to the improvisation , where results coming out from experimental testings are not only taken in the way they are and where own capacities are plentifully offered to the different interlocutors with whom we face with.
Words like organization, development, cooperation and flexibility are parts of our today activity and are the base of relationships with each of our Customers. New technologies, improving researches, constant quality of our products, timely deliveries are available to everybody and considered as primary but what really makes the difference in the work handling , are people. Man and women of our staff look to the management of research, experimentation and production in a structural dimension where the direct and continued comparison to the Customer is considered as the main reason for a mutual and steady growth. The same people which daily handle a Company that inspite of its traditional characteristics and limited size, was and is able to compete with big multinational ones of the field.

Carlo Riccò & Fratelli SpA